Etc Etc Etc EP by Tura The Beatsmith

Jul 6, 2018

Etc Etc Etc by Tura, The Beatsmith, FKA Autolect

Hasan Rahma T Ullah known by his name Tura, is an American vocalist, producer, graphic designer, technician, fine artist and writer.As Autolect he produced forward-thinking beats on a string of strong albums from the mid to late 2000s (one of which featured featured production from 9th Wonder).

Often compared to RJD2 and DJ Shadow, it was clear, as (Bil) Basmala, that this beat maker (who has recorded as Hasan Atiq and released five albums from 2005-2010 under the moniker Autolect) is blazing his own trail. Theres a slight minimalist pulse at (Bil) Basmalas heart, too, and a dedication to following the drift of a songs elan that it shares with the spiritual jazz of the late 1960s.

"Basmala, brings you a self titled album that is sure to rock your chakras! Deep-nodic tones bring you to the right place of space on this latest offering from the left coast technician. And while he does acquit himself as a rapper, his voice is just another element in the sparsely decorated cosmos."

In early October of 2018, he will debut the latest project entitled 'Etc Etc Etc' preview at Bandcamp.

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Woodbridge /83 (Upcoming)

Jun 2, 2018


Pre-Order 'Woodbridge /83’ Digital / Vinyl PER42

SKU: 727908200034

‘WoodBridge / 83 is the last album under Urban Sufi Music, Sesac, shipping in 2018. ‘THEMIC’ is the first single released in early May of 2017.

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A, Good Night, Good Luck USB Album

Jun 1, 2018

'A Good Night, Good Luck' Digital & USB ALBUM PER42

SKU: 727908170467

A, Good Night, Good Luck is the new project from Hasan Atiq’s all in production Basmala. At the end of 2013, he released ‘A, Brother From Another Planet’ cassette containing tracks from the album. Since then, Hasan has fine tuned, remixed and remastered several of the tracks and added some new material. "Actually, I dont beleive in luck, I believe in pre-destiny or decree of Allah (God). The title is a play on Edward R. Murrows famous saying before closing his broadcast and the social climate of our times", he adds.

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